KIM - Batu goncang Game Rules ( Aturan permainan batu goncang )

 KIM ( batu goncang ) Game Rules

Each participant who takes part in this game will be given paper coupons of different colors such as pink, yellow, green, blue and white which have been provided by the organizers. Which paper contains numbers that are randomized from 1-90. Each participant will get a number that is different from the other participants. And when the game is in progress, the singer will sing a song while mentioning the number taken from a box in the form of a jar at random.

Each participant must be observant to hear the number called by the kicker. If on the paper there is a number called the kicker, then that number is marked with a cross as shown above. Furthermore, if all the numbers in the paper coupon have been crossed like the picture circled in red above, then the participant must immediately shout to the singer or the committee so that the singer can stop singing for a while because, if the dancer continues to sing and repeats the new number, the participant the winner will be declared disqualified. That's why I immediately cheered to the committee when my paper was full, fearing that my victory would be disqualified.

After I received a gift in the form of a parcel that I did not know what was in it.

'Shall we continue?' said the kicker.

'Yes! Keep going!' said everyone who participated in the KIM  ( batu goncang ) game that night.

Slowly the music from the speakers lined up on the left and right sides of the stage began to blare, which was quite suffocating for my heart, because of the booming bass which was performed by a single organ player.

This is how the KIM  ( batu goncang ) game continues until the paper provided by the committee has been filled in.

As for the songs that are sung in the KIM  ( batu goncang ) game, it's like the example I wrote above, where each number has its own rhyme. Not only rhymes, the songs performed by the dancers can be in the form of sayings, petitih, and even gurindam. So therefore each player must focus on listening to the song sung by the singer.

KIM  ( batu goncang )  Controversy

KIM  ( batu goncang ) comes from the Pariaman area which is located along the coast of West Sumatra. then this game developed to land areas such as in my village. For me this game is very attractive, funny, and entertaining.

In Pariaman itself, every time there is a wedding, the owner of the celebration always holds this game. However, the news circulating that this traditional game is being misused and banned in several areas is because it is said that this game is part of gambling. Basically, this game in my opinion does not belong to the type of gambling, because it is solely entertainment by those who have a celebration.

In the KIM  ( batu goncang ) event that I participated in, the committee had provided several prizes in the form of gifts which would be handed over to each winner. And the main prize is to bring home a motorbike without a down payment, or it can be exchanged for 1 million rupiah.

Judging from the technical aspects of the game, even those who wish to play are free of charge. So where is the gamble? All return to their respective understanding and technical implementation.

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