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Batu goncang di season city

The Head Commissioner of the West Jakarta Metro Criminal Investigation Unit, Teuku Arsya, said the match was being tested by the owner of the stone match at the Garden Garden season area, West West Yakarta. From the results of the exam, Arsya revealed that the bills that the owners of the playgrounds had reached tens of millions per day. "The night bill is around 40 million RP," said Arsya when she contacted Tempo, on Wednesday, December 25, 2019. Arsya said that the Rock Shaking game only operated for about a week or since December 15, 2019. The place was immediately visited by the public since it was first opened. "(Visitors) initially varied, but most of the houses were in the West Yakarta region," he said On Thursday night, 19 December 2019, the West Yakarta Metro Resort Police arrested 28 gambling actors at that place. They consist of 17 players and 11 distributors. Some of the evidence seized during the arrest included IDR 10.5 million in cash, lottery coupons