KIM - Batu goncang Game Rules ( Aturan permainan batu goncang )

  KIM ( batu goncang ) Game Rules Each participant who takes part in this game will be given paper coupons of different colors such as pink, yellow, green, blue and white which have been provided by the organizers. Which paper contains numbers that are randomized from 1-90. Each participant will get a number that is different from the other participants. And when the game is in progress, the singer will sing a song while mentioning the number taken from a box in the form of a jar at random. Each participant must be observant to hear the number called by the kicker. If on the paper there is a number called the kicker, then that number is marked with a cross as shown above. Furthermore, if all the numbers in the paper coupon have been crossed like the picture circled in red above, then the participant must immediately shout to the singer or the committee so that the singer can stop singing for a while because, if the dancer continues to sing and repeats the new number, the participant th

History of Batu Goncang games ( Sejarah Permainan batu goncang )

  Did engku and encik know about the KIM (batu goncang ) game ? We have tried to find out the early history of the beginning of this game in Minangkabau but we could not. This game is not evenly practiced by the natives in Minangkabau. We only found out about this game after being in the region of people? Initially we thought this game was a latah game imitated from one of the states found in East Asia. Because the name KIM (batu goncang) is not a Minangkabau name. Apparently not so duhai engku and encik everyone .. A friend once thought "Indeed, this KIM game is the same as engku gambling ...?" he told us at one point. We just kept quiet because we didn't understand but then curiosity started to appear and we also wondered "What and what is the KIM game like?" After we found out on the internet then asked us that the beginning of the emergence of this game is from Pariaman - so it is natural when we Darek people do not know about this game - which is one of the